Wooden Spoon Hot Pressing Machine SF-160-2P

Disposable wooden spoon making machine SF-160-2P Wooden Spoon Hot Pressing Machine
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Wooden Spoon Hot Pressing Machine

(1) Machine Technical Data 

Model: SF-160-2P

Name: Wooden Spoon Fork Pressing Machine 

Type:  2 -person operation, manual type 

Power: 4.8 KW

Working Voltage: 220V, 50HZ (Single phase)

Machine Size: 1450*850MM*1350MM

Working Pressure: 0.4 to 0.8 Mpa 

Weight : 350 KGS 

Working Time: 15 to 20 seconds per Time 

Heating Temperature : 145 to 155 degree centigrade 

Mould equipped : 4 PCS

Remarks: Should be used with air compressor

The pressing time (including mould feed, pressing and back), each time need about 15 seconds.

If the worker can putting the flat wooden spoon into mould quickly and make the time efficiency, each minute can press 4 times.

Our following calculation is based on pressing three time per minutes.

160mm wooden spoon, if each minute press 3 times , 

42 PCS per mould*3 times*60mins* 8hours=60,480 PCS per 8 hours.

140mm wooden spoon, if each minute press 3 times , 

44 PCS per mould*3 times*60mins* 8hours=63,360 PCS per 8 hours.

machine Technical Data


wooden spoon making machine 2019 (2)

wooden spoon making machine 2019 (1)



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