Wooden Spoon Hot Pressing Machine Comparison

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Product Details

Technology innovation

Old Design  Disadvantages:

The previous style of hot press is 16T, the setting time needs longer, the efficiency is low. 

The old machine needs manual valve operation, and press the buttons on both sides to press down.

It takes 2 operations to complete the operation. The process is complicated. (That is, this machine requires three-button operation)

The electrical parts of the old machine are on the outside, and the electrical structure and procedures are relatively simple.


The pressure of the machine is up to 20T, and the time required for the setting of the wooden spoon is shorter 

and the efficiency is much higher.

One-button operation button can complete automatic feeding, pressing and returning (the whole operation is continuous)

Compared with the old models, the electrical control part has more functions, simpler operation and rich functions, and

 it can meet manual operation and fully automatic operation.

1. Machine Technical Data

wooden spoon hot pressing machine

Name: Wooden Spoon Hot Pressing Machine (LATEST DESIGN)

Model: RYJ-1/ MODEL: RYJ-1S

Brand: BESTA

Power: 10.8 KW (380V,50HZ)

Temperature: 0 to 999 degree centigrade

Pressure: 20 TONS

Speed: 7000 to 9000 PCS/HOUR

Machine Weight: 1250 KGS


Application: Wooden Spoon, Fork Hot Pressing, Shape forming 


2. This wooden spoon mould shall be made according to your product size, shape. 

For spoon and fork shape, can be shared in 1 set of mould.

Wooden spoon mould 2

3. Before using wooden spoon/fork hot pressing machine 

 before wooden spoon hot pressing process

4. After hot pressing process (Finished product )

after wooden spoon hot pressing 2019

5. Our machine packing photo 

wooden spoon making machine packing photo besta


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