Wooden Spoon Making Process, How To Make Disposable Wooden Spoon, Fork, Knife

- Feb 02, 2020-

Wooden Spoon Making Process, How to make disposable wooden spoon, fork, knife 

Wood Cutlery Production Line process is as follows, wood cutting, wood boiling, wooden bark removing, wooden veneer making, punching into the flat wooden spoon (160mm or 140mm), drying and polishing , order arranging, water dipping and moisture balance, and wooden spoon/fork hot pressing process and then get final products (pressed spoon or fork). 

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Our company has a strong R & D team. In this woodworking machine industry, we have more than 20 years of production experience and process experience. We have cooperated with people in more than 30 countries and regions, traded with each other, and established ice cream stick, tongue depressor stick, Wooden spoon (knife and fork spoon) production line. We provide good after-sales service and send masters to install training abroad.

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