What Is Bamboo Charcoal Used For?

- Jul 01, 2019-

Bamboo charcoal is the use of bamboo as raw material, through high temperature pyrolysis, carefully fired from. Bamboo charcoal tissue is rich in minerals and has many pores, with a specific surface area of more than 300 square meters/gram. Therefore, it has a strong adsorption capacity, and the microorganisms attached to its molecular surface can thoroughly decompose the adsorbed materials. After high temperature (1000 degrees) pyrolysis of bamboo charcoal also has the effect of releasing far infrared ray, generating negative ions, electromagnetic wave absorption and other properties.

Bamboo charcoal products, raw materials from more than five years, high temperature anaerobic distillation. Bamboo charcoal is quite versatile. Using bamboo charcoal as fuel, its fragrance can make a room fragrant and refreshing. Bamboo charcoal is not only easy to burn, but also widely used. In addition to fuel, bamboo charcoal can also be widely used in food cooking, baking, storage and preservation. Cook rice when put a piece of bamboo charcoal, can protect its nutrients not easy to lose, rice is soft and delicious; Put bamboo charcoal into the refrigerator, can remove odor, prevent food from going bad, extend food preservation period; Fried food, put a little bamboo charcoal, not only can save oil, but also ensure the same oil quality; To soften food quickly, cook it in a stew.

Due to the unique raw materials, and special processing, bamboo charcoal also has many unexpected functions: with bamboo charcoal soak tap water, can remove the smell of bleach powder and all kinds of harmful impurities, and the water dirt is not easy to adhere to sanitary ware; Put bamboo charcoal into the bathroom or wardrobe, can remove odor, prevent clothing mold moth; Put in the fish tank, can make the water more clean, fish is not easy to be invaded by bacteria.

Bamboo charcoal molecular structure is hexagonal, hard, fine and porous, strong adsorption, adsorption function;

Bamboo charcoal has high porosity, which is very suitable for use as a carrier of soil microorganisms and organic nutrients. It can enhance soil vitality and is a good soil conditioner.

Bamboo charcoal releases trace elements, improves the environment, kills bacteria, and releases air innocently.

Bamboo charcoal has weak electrical conductivity and plays an anti-static role.

Bamboo charcoal can emit far infrared ray, wavelength is suitable for human body absorption, accelerate blood circulation, improve the human body environment, applied in health care.

The physical properties of bamboo charcoal: bamboo charcoal is dense, heavy, more pores, rich in mineral content, the specific surface area of more than 500m2 per gram, bamboo charcoal is a natural product, non-toxic, tasteless, no side effects, knock can give out a clear metal sound, has a good electrical conductivity.

2. Adsorption and decomposition: due to numerous pores in the carbonaceous material itself, the carbonaceous pores can effectively absorb various kinds of plankton in the air, and absorb, decompose and deodorize harmful chemical substances such as sulfide, hydride, methanol, benzene and phenol.

3, automatic moisture regulation: bamboo charcoal fine and porous, large specific surface area, if the surrounding humidity is large, can absorb water, if the surrounding dry, can release water.

4, far infrared function: bamboo charcoal can produce the most suitable for human body absorption of far infrared wavelength, can make the object produce micro heat, promote the activation of human aging cells, accelerate blood circulation, improve the human body environment.

5, anion effect: the anion produced from bamboo charcoal has a penetrating effect, can relax nerves, eliminate fatigue. Indoors, the negative ions generated from bamboo charcoal collide with particles in the air, making them electrically charged. These charged particles are easily attached to walls, mirrors and floors to achieve the purpose of purifying air. Place oneself among them, let a person feel to wander in nature's forest general, mind infinite comfort.

6. The role of microwave absorption. Bamboo charcoal powder makes coatings that can absorb microwaves. Military can be used for target stealth.

At present, bamboo charcoal has been used in many fields.

(1) fuel: bamboo charcoal as a barbecue barbecue fuel clean and interesting, it has a large specific surface area (charcoal generally 300m2/g, bamboo charcoal up to 700m2/g), fire is more than 30 percent of charcoal.

(2) water purification: because bamboo charcoal is porous material, has a large specific surface area, has a strong adsorption, suitable for the purification of river water and domestic water.

(3) bedroom moisture regulation: using bamboo charcoal as the moisture regulation agent under the bed of residential bedroom can curb the rise of humidity and the reproduction of mold and microorganisms, and at the same time, bamboo charcoal can be placed under the floor to prevent bacteria and regulate humidity.

(4) adsorption odor: charcoal can be put into the refrigerator to eliminate the smell of food, keep the food fresh without deterioration; Put into the rice jar to prevent the formation of the rice trap, keep the rice jar dry to ensure the quality of rice; Put it in the window, cabinet and piano, which can be dehumidified, mildewed and deodorized; Use in the car to eliminate odor. When cooking with bamboo charcoal can adsorb the pesticide residues contained in white rice, and can make the rice soft and not sticky; Place bamboo charcoal beside computer, TV and microwave oven, etc., can block electromagnetic wave radiation, be helpful for health.

(5) health care products: the use of bamboo charcoal porous structure and adsorption characteristics, can be used for sweat, saliva and indoor moisture adsorption, and can release a natural aroma, improve the quality of sleep. Bamboo charcoal radiation far infrared ray, can penetrate blood vessels, stimulate the meridians of the body, improve the body organ function, so processed into health care charcoal pillow, mattress and other bedding and car cushion.

(6) fresh flowers and fruits: a few pieces of bamboo charcoal in the vase can prolong the fading period of flowers; Put a few pieces of bamboo charcoal into the fruit box, can play a certain effect of preservation.

(7) beauty and skin care: bamboo charcoal soap and soap have been developed, which can whiten and refresh the skin, and have certain prevention and treatment effects on skin diseases. At present, we are developing toothbrushes, toothpastes and other daily necessities.