Use And Maintenance Of Electric Hoist

- Nov 19, 2018-

1. The electric hoist installed after the new installation or after demolition shall first be carried out several times in an empty vehicle.

But do not install before the installation, do not power on the test turn.

2. Before normal use should be carried out with a rated load of 125%, up to about 100 mm, 10 minutes of static load test, check whether normal.

3. The dynamic load test is based on the rated load weight, repeated lifting and left and right moving test, after the test to check its mechanical transmission part, electrical parts and connection parts are normal and reliable.

4. In use, it is absolutely prohibited to use it in an impermissible environment and in excess of the rated load and the number of rated closing times per hour (120 times). 5. When installing commissioning and maintenance, it is necessary to strictly check whether the limit device is flexible and reliable, and when the hook rises to the upper limit position, the distance from the hook housing to the reel housing must be greater than 50mm (10t,16t,20t must be greater than 120mm).

When the hook drops to the lower limit position, the wire rope safety ring on the reel should be guaranteed, and the effective safety ring must be above 2 laps.

6. It is not allowed to press the two flashlight door button to move the electric hoist in the opposite direction at the same time.

7. After the completion of the work must be the power supply of the main gate pull off, cut off the power supply.

8. Electric hoist should be manipulated by a person, the manipulator should fully grasp the safety operating procedures, strictly prohibit crooked tilt hanging.

9. In use, the electric hoist must be inspected regularly by specialized personnel, and the fault shall be found in time to take timely measures and carefully recorded.

10. Adjust the brake decline of electric hoist, should ensure that under the rated load, brake decline s≤v/100 (V for the load within a minute to stabilize the rise of the distance).

11. Scrap Standard of wire rope: wire Rope inspection and scrap standard according to cb/t5972-1986 "Lifting machinery wire rope inspection and end-of-life practical norms" implementation.

12. Electric hoist must be used in the use of sufficient lubricating oil, and keep the lubricant clean, should not contain impurities and dirt.

13. Wire rope should be oiled with a hard brush or small wooden pieces, it is strictly forbidden to use the hand directly to the working wire rope oil.

14. When the electric hoist does not work, it is not allowed to hang heavy objects in the air, preventing the parts from producing permanent deformation.

15. In the process of use, if a fault is found, the main power supply should be cut off immediately.

16. Special attention should be paid to the situation of wearing parts in use.

17.10~20 ton gourd After a long period of continuous operation, may appear automatic power outage phenomenon, which belongs to the motor overheating protection function, at this time can be reduced, after a period of time, after the motor cooling down can continue to work.