The Species Of Eucalyptus Is Very Suitable For Ice Cream Stick Making Industry

- Dec 31, 2018-

The species of Eucalyptus is very suitable for ice cream stick making industry 

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Generally, it is an evergreen tree; branches and leaves have aroma; leaves are usually alternate, with stalks, full pinnate veins, mostly sickle-shaped; early spring, white, red or yellow flowers, mostly umbrella or flower head, sepals It is combined with the petals to form a cap (flower cover), which falls off when flowering; the top of the capsule is 3-5 when mature; the seeds are mostly angular.

Because the economic value and planting survival rate of eucalyptus are high, it is planted in large quantities in southern China, which makes the local plant species simplistic and breaks the original ecological balance. In addition, the volatile aromatic oil contained in the eucalyptus itself has an insect repellent effect. Although it has economic value, it will also destroy the bio-chain in the planting area, resulting in a decrease in the number of birds and other organisms, and the oyster oil itself is very flammable, causing Australia, One of the main causes of mountain fires in California and other places. However, these problems are mainly due to the way of artificial afforestation. In China, plantations are mostly pure forests of a single species, and often remove the original species by cutting down the original trees, refining mountains and burning mountains, and applying herbicides before afforestation, causing damage to biodiversity, pests and fires. Easy to happen. The problem faced by eucalyptus plantations is the same problems faced by various types of plantations.