The History Of Toothpicks

- Jul 10, 2019-

A toothpick is a small piece of wood or bamboo used to remove food from between teeth after a meal.

The exact history of toothpicks is still uncertain, but archaeologists have found similar indents in prehistoric teeth, as well as remnants of small bamboo sticks between teeth. The first to use toothpicks in the United States was Union Oyster House, a seafood restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, which is also the oldest restaurant in the country. The toothpick may have been "invented" by some harvard students, and the entrepreneurs who invented it apparently tried to make harvard students the best customers at the time, even paying harvard students to eat at the restaurant so that they could try the toothpick.

The patent for the first toothpick machine in the United States was filed on February 20, 1872 by inventors Silas Noble and j. p. Cooley of Granville, Massachusetts. The U.S. state of Maine claims to be the king of toothpick makers, boasting 90 percent of the world's toothpicks (it produces about 50 billion so many annually that mainers have been nicknamed "down-eaters"). In addition, toothpicks are one of the main items americans use for choking on their oesophagus

Toothpicks which is also called "teeth" etc, that is the end or both ends sharpened wood, bamboo sticks, corn or plastic and plastic dental floss, also has the use of certain animals, such as ivory or special fish bones, used to remove tartar or teeth sundry wood or bamboo qualitative thin stick, there is also a synthetic material toothpick (such as the Swiss army knife), it is a kind of important oral health appliances, it already has more than 2000 years of history.