Precautions For Electric Hoist

- Nov 19, 2018-

(1) Pre-use inspection work

A. There shall be barrier-free and floating objects within the operator's walking range, the line of sight, and the route through which the weights pass.

B. Hand control button up and down, left and right direction should be accurate and sensitive action, motor and reducer should have no abnormal sound.

C. Brakes should be sensitive and reliable.

D. There shall be no foreign objects in the running orbit of the electric hoist.

E. The upper and lower limiter action should be accurate and sensitive.

F. The hook stop nut should be fastened securely.

G. Hooks should be flexible in horizontal and vertical rotation.

H. The hook pulley should be rotated flexibly.

I. Wire rope should have no obvious cracks, arranged neatly on the reel, no open pulley groove, twisting, stacking and other signs, good lubrication.

J. No abnormalities in hoisting and auxiliary tools.

K. Working ambient temperature of electric hoist is -25~+40℃

L. Electric hoist is not suitable for places full of corrosive gas or relative humidity greater than 85%, can not replace explosion-proof hoist, it is not appropriate to lift molten metal or toxic, flammable and explosive items.

(2) Electric hoist must not lateral lifting heavy loads, prohibit overload use.

(3) in the use of the process, the operator should always check whether the wire rope has a buckle, knot, drop groove, wear and other phenomena, if the appearance should be timely elimination, and often check whether the guide rope and limit switch is safe and reliable.

(4) in daily work, the limiter shall not be used artificially to stop the lifting of the weight or to stop the operation of the equipment.

(5) After the work is finished, turn off the power supply switch and cut off the main power supply.

(6) Special maintenance personnel should be set up weekly inspection of the main performance and safety status of electric hoist once, found fault timely elimination.