How To Operate The Cotton Swab Machine Safely?

- Jul 18, 2020-

Before operating the cotton swab machine correctly, every component must not be let go. Only careful inspection can ensure the smooth operation in the later stage.

    1. Before starting the cotton swab machine, check whether the equipment is faulty and whether the required raw materials are available. (Whether the inner glue is suitable, whether the outer glue is added, and whether the bamboo stick is full)

    2. Adjust the equipment to the normal speed of 350-400 pcs/min to make it run normally.

    3. When the cotton swab machine is running, it is strictly forbidden to put your fingers into the cotton beater and transition wheel; when cleaning the chain and gear, it is forbidden to extend the iron wire or other tools into the cotton beater; if you need to wipe or debug, you must first cut off the power to make it It can only be carried out after completely stopping the operation.

    4. Regularly clean the air inlets of the suction fan and suction cup fan to avoid excessive cotton waste affecting the suction effect.

    5. When the equipment is in normal production, the operator should do a self-inspection and pick out defective products in time.

    6. During the operation of the equipment, the glue hole on the die should be kept unobstructed and unblocked frequently so as not to affect the product quality due to its blockage.

    7. When operating the equipment, the operator should wear protective equipment such as hats and masks; clothing, hair, hands and other body parts are strictly prohibited from contacting any running and transmission parts of the equipment.

    8. When the equipment is maintained and repaired, the power supply must be cut off and can only be carried out after it has completely stopped running.

    9. The cotton swab machine must be cleaned up before leaving get off work every day to ensure that the equipment starts smoothly next time.