Features Of Toothpick Packaging Machine

- Nov 19, 2018-

First, the main features

1.bag making system using stepper motor subdivision technology, bag making high precision, error less than 1 mm;

2.the controller using liquid crystal Chinese character display, intuitive and convenient, easy to operate at a glance, convenient bag length adjustment, counting, paperless automatic alarm.

3.heat seal four-way heating control, two-sided sealing channel can be individually controlled; good thermal balance, to ensure the quality of sealing, suitable for a variety of packaging materials, while heating up fast, shorten the heating time.

4.intelligent photoelectric color label positioning control system, good visibility of the side open protective bezel, safe operation.

5.the feeding system using rotary 12 station 20mm stainless steel turntable, artificial feeding, automatic mechanical opening and closing material, humanized design, convenient and non-card, convenient for a variety of heterosexual floss toothpicks or similar plastic products, toys, etc., beautiful and practical. 

7.special positioning and shutdown function, to ensure that in any state downtime when the heat sealer and cutter in the open position, to avoid scalding packaging materials and heat sealing mechanism.