Features Of Grinding Machine

- Nov 19, 2018-

1. The design of the grinder body, a change of the original loose frame structure for the steel plate closed welding structure.

Greatly improves the strength of the body, increasing and prolonging its service life.

2. The Collective of steel sheet metal after welding, the use of full vibration aging treatment process, obviously eliminate and reduce the degree of natural deformation of the whole machine after processing.

3. The transmission part changes the original belt drive for the rack drive, overcomes the uneven walking speed of the drop point, so that its reliability and stability are guaranteed.

4. A change of grinder grinding head swing rotation angle 30° for the swing rotation angle greater than 90 ° of the original design, so that the upper and lower workpiece and replacement grinding wheel more convenient and faster. 5. The grinding head is machined into the knife using the automatic inlet knife design, which improves the degree of automation. Effectively saves the manpower and time necessary for manual feed, and improves the operator's labor level.