Features Of Automatic Medical Cotton Swab Machine

- Jul 18, 2020-

The traditional manual production of cotton swabs is laborious and time-consuming, and the cotton heads are of uneven size, high cost and low efficiency. The automatic cotton swab machine produced by our factory greatly saves labor costs, and has high efficiency. The cotton head is full and clean, and the size is uniform. The cotton head and the stick body are tightly wound without falling off. The product quality meets national standards. The automatic medical cotton swab machine is the first choice of many manufacturers and enterprises that produce cotton swabs.

1. The shell panel is made of aluminum alloy material, which is light and strong, neat and beautiful.

2. The PLC microcomputer control system, the computer automatically counts, and can monitor the operation in real time, the machine parts are simple in design, easy to repair and maintain, the ultrasonic operating system, the man-machine interface, the production information is monitored in real time, and the operation is safe and stable.

3. Feeding from the cotton swab rod-cotton head sticking and winding-drying-arranging the whole code-packaging is an integrated assembly line operation to prevent secondary pollution of the cotton swab, saving processing costs, adjustable cotton head, automatic packaging, Choose box or bag to produce cotton swabs that are even, flat, smooth and beautiful.

4. The main power adopts chain drive mode, with low production noise. The cotton swab transmission process is transparent, which is convenient for the screening of defective products.