Factors Affecting Sharpness

- Nov 19, 2018-

1. Installation of the grinder, adjustment of the impact on the grinder: 

(1) The grinder installation should pay attention to the stability, prevent vibration, the fastener connection is solid, the grinder rotation should be smooth, to prevent the beating swing.

Otherwise, the grinding blade, and the appearance of serrated edges and so on.

(2) The grinder plate should be perpendicular to the horizontal plane, otherwise it will not grind sharp blades. 

(3) The position of the grinder should be 6 mm from the disk surface, located in the middle of the disk radius, the position of the grinder is not correct, easy to cause the blade deflection.

The length of the boom also affects, and shortens the sharpening stroke, grinding not sharp blades. 

(4) for mechanical transmission grinder, should make the triangle belt have the appropriate tensioning degree, and ensure that the grinder plate to reach the rated speed.

The low speed of the grinder plate affects the grinding effect.

2. Effect of abrasive composition on grinding knife:

(1) Excessive Emery in the abrasive agent; Blade edge blowing a thick layer of emery, the edge is easy to wear, the blade is not easy to grind sharp.

(2) There are too few Emery in the abrasive agent: The blade is not easy to grind sharp, the blade grinding time is long, easy to annealing, deformation.

3. Effect of the operation method on the grinder when sharpening the knife:

(1) Uneven pressure, so that the blade deflection, the sharpness of the blade teeth is inconsistent, in the swing blade, the pressure is not uniform will make the blade bulge. 

(2) Too much pressure, easy to cause blade annealing, deformation.Shorten blade life.

(3) The pressure is too small, the blade can not be smoothly attached to the grinder plate, easy to produce partial grinding, hit the teeth and middle bulge.

(4) Swing speed is too fast, easy to scrape off the grinding agent, easy to interrupt the knife teeth, not easy to grasp the balance of the blade, resulting in uneven pressure easy to produce partial grinding and intermediate bulge.

(5) The swing speed is too slow, speed up the wear of the blade, shorten the service life of the blade, easy to cause blade annealing. 

(6) The sharpening stroke is short, the grinding blade is not sharp, and it will quickly sag in the middle of the grinder plate, shortening the use period of the grinder plate.Therefore, the sharpening stroke should be as long as possible.

(7) The grinding knife on the grinder plate of the paste cloth is too long: The blade is easy to annealing, deformation.