Colombia Customer Coming For Bamboo Flooring Project

- Dec 03, 2018-

Colombia has the second highest woody bamboo diversity in Latin America

At present, 9 genera and 70 species are reported, with 24 species being endemic and at least 12 species remaining to be described.

The Andean region has the largest quantity and greatest diversity of woody species (89%) and the Eastern Cordillera is the richest with 55% of all woody bamboos reported until now. About 60% of the woody species are found from 2,000 to 3,500m altitude.

The Colombian departments (states) with the highest woody bamboo diversity are Norte de Santander, Cundinamarca, Cauca, Valle del Cauca, Antiquia, Huila, Narino and Quandio. The majority of species belong to Chusquea genus (30%), with the rest of the species belonging to the genera Arthrostylidium, Aulonemia, Elytrostachys, Merostachys, Neurolepis, Rhipidocladum, Guadua and Otatea.

Colombia bamboo is very suitable for making strand woven bamboo board, floorings.

We can provide you a whole package plan for this projects. 

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