Birch Wood Characteristic

- Dec 29, 2018-

Birch (Betula) generally refers to the general name of about 100 species of trees and shrubs of the genus Birch. The edge of the single leaf is serrated or shallow, and the fruit is a small wing. The birch bark is smooth, resinous, white or variegated, with traversing lenticels, usually peeled off into thin slices. The bark of the old trunk is thick and deep, cracking into irregular fragments. The short, slender branches of the young trees are lifted in a narrow tower-shaped canopy. The wood of birch is light brown to reddish brown, used as flooring, furniture, pulp, interior decoration materials, vehicle and ship equipment, plywood, etc. Cold-tolerant, fast-growing, more immune to pests and diseases, used for reforestation, control of soil erosion, protective cover or conservation trees. More demanding moist, fertile sand or loam, sowing and grafting. It is found in cold regions of the northern hemisphere.

Native to Russia, birch is commonly known as (Russian birch). Because its texture is very close to the texture of North American cherry, it is also known as: European cherry wood.

The wood of birch is light brown to reddish brown with a shiny surface and a smooth mechanism. Yellowish white is slightly brown, the annual ring is obvious, the wood is pure, slightly hard, fine structure, strong mechanical strength, elastic, hygroscopic, dry and easy to crack and warp. Not very durable in a prone to decay environment, more in the form of splints. Birch is commonly used in special plywood, flooring, furniture, pulp, interior materials, vehicle and boat equipment, plywood, etc. The furniture made is smooth and wearable, and the pattern is clear. It is now used in the production of structures, parquet and interior frames. The dragon chairs in the Forbidden City are mostly red sandalwood wooden frames with birch wood hearts embedded.

Russia has produced wood tar for birch and is used in the manufacturing of the leather and soap industries. The main chemical component of birch, "methyl salicylate", is also the main component of aspirin and has analgesic properties. Among male cleaning products, birch gives it a leathery feel, and such products are popular in France. Also used in perfumes.

Thin, impenetrable bark for roofing, canoeing and shoemaking for North American Indians and early settlers. Birch tar is obtained by dry distillation of its bark. Birch beer is made from birch sap. People living in the forest will ignite with the bark of wet red birch and paper birch. Birch is also a common decorative road tree