Advantages Of Chopsticks Making Machine

- Jul 01, 2019-

First, the production of sanitary chopsticks, snow cake handle (stick), can choose poplar, birch and all kinds of wood as raw materials, only need to change the tool to make the above products, to achieve small investment, high efficiency, easy to buy raw materials, multi-purpose machine Etc.

Second, truncation - cooking (or water soaking) - by rotary cutting machine - cutting machine - dryer - chamfering machine (or polishing) - packaging into the warehouse. The production of ice cream handles eliminates the need for chamfering machines.

Third, the equipment description: each side of the wood production 70,000 ~ 100,000 pairs of sanitary chopsticks, equipment small units 8 hours production of 10 ~ 150,000 pairs, medium-sized units produced 25 ~ 300,000 pairs, large units produced 45 ~ 500,000 pairs, such as technology After the ripening, there is still a large increase in the output. The cutting machine and the chamfering machine can increase the equipment according to your production needs and economic conditions.

Fourth, cost accounting and economic analysis (8 hours a shift calculation): according to the diameter of the wood, each side of the wood production of 7 ~ 100,000 pairs of chopsticks X market price = gross profit - raw material purchase price - electricity - labor - (including tax returns, plant , packaging, etc., according to your actual situation) = daily net profit of wood production X daily wood = 8 hours of net profit. In summary, the general investment can recover all the investment in 2 to 3 months.