The Density of Poplar Wood

- Nov 05, 2019-

The density of poplar wood: 0.386g/cm3, humidity, dry humidity is 10, different poplars will be different.

  1. Poplar wood: Wood commonly used in northern China, its quality is soft, stable, and cheap. It is often used as an accessory for eucalyptus furniture and as a base for lacquered furniture.

2, poplar, also known as "small leaf poplar", often has a sub-like luster, it is also known as "satin Yang", not the kind of Soviet poplar, big leaf poplar, Populus euphratica that was introduced in this century. Poplar often has a "scent" that is lighter than birch. Birch is slightly fragrant, often with a very fine brownish black immersion line. This is the difference between the two.