Meaning of bamboo

- Jul 05, 2019-

Bamboo grows silently in barren mountains and wild hills. No matter it is peaks and valleys, it can survive tenaciously in adversity with perseverance. Although years of guarding the boundless loneliness and desolation, the season through the wind, frost, snow and rain whips and torture, but it is always "determined castle peak", dedication, no regrets. For thousands of years, people have endowed bamboo with the image of integrity and integrity.The bamboo has no miscellaneous thoughts and is willing to be lonely. It does not seek to be heard in the mang forest and does not admire the lively mountains. Bamboo light and delicate, evergreen, although there are all kinds of tenderness, but never grandstanding, more not arrogant, modest, simple is her character. Bamboo does not blossom, light elegant, spotless, she does not try to gorgeous, not to seek a reputation for the natural nature of the world.The sound of bamboo rustling in the breeze, the light shadow of the moon at night, all let the literati deeply moved. And bamboo in the wind and frost in the verdant character is still, more let the poet lead for the same way, so most of the Chinese literati living room plant bamboo. Prince phthalein said, "there can be no such a person in a day." Su dongpo said, "better eat without meat than live without bamboo. No meat makes one thin, no bamboo makes one vulgar. Thin people can be fattened, but vulgar people can't be cured." It shows that the long cultural spirit of bamboo has been deeply rooted in the bone marrow of scholars.Bright moon like frost, cool wind like water. In the courtyard, the bamboo is crooned according to its rank, and the vigorous and straight festival has the iron bone of plum-blossom ling, frost and proud snow, and the noble and pure color of orchid, and with its vigorous, empty and empty personality, the poet fully appreciates the wind of a gentleman. There is a great festival, and no common noise." Its "jinjie", represents the unyielding integrity; Its "emptiness" represents a modest heart; Its "xiao shu", on behalf of the poets transcendent and refined.