I wish to make toothpick,chopstick, bbq stick

- Dec 01, 2018-

What are the machines needed for the following three product making ?

Bamboo Toothpick

Bamoo Chopstick

Bamboo BBQ Stick 

Machine Name  Suggested quantity 
ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine 1 Set  (Shared)
ZP-2500 Bamboo Splitting Machine 1 Set  (Shared)
MZP-3 Fixed Width Slicer 2 Sets  (Shared)
MZP-1 Small Layering Machine 2 Sets  (Shared)
MBZS-5 Bamboo Wool Slicer (stick making)1 Set  (for making 2.0mm round stick)
MBZS-4 Bamboo Wool Slicer (stick making)2 Sets (For chopstick/bbq stick stick making)
BJQ-6 Toothpick Length Cutting Machine1 Set (for toothpick production line)
BPG-1G Toothpick Sharpening Machine 1 Set  (for toothpick production line)
BXJ-1S Toothpick Sharpening Machine 1 Set  (for toothpick production line)
BJQ-1 Stick Length Cutting Machine 2 Set  (for chopstick/bbq stick product line)
BPG-2G Chopstick Polishing Machine 1 Set (for chopstick making line)
BCP-2 Chopstick Packing Machine 1 Set (for chopstick making line)
BPG-3 Stick Polishing Machine 1 Set (for bbq stick making line)
BXJ-3 BBQ Stick Sharpening Machine 1 Set (for bbq stick making line)
RFL-70 Hot Air Stove 1 Set  (shared)
Accessories for stove Making 2 Sets (shared)
SST-200 Stainless Steel Tank 2 Sets  (shared)
EH-3T Electric Hoist 
1 Set    (shared)
Accessories for stove Making 2 Sets   (shared)
Spare parts extrally bought 1 Set   (shared)