How many types of toothpick machines do you have

- Dec 01, 2018-

How many types of toothpick making machine do you have?

We have two production line for bamboo toothpick making for your kind choose.

  1. One is bamboo toothpick making machine production line 

  2. Another is wooden toothpick making machine production line 

Which is more easy to make ? What is the difference ?

For making which type of toothpick, it is related to your materials resources .

For Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Ethiopia, etc , our customer mainly make bamboo toothpick.

For other countries like Russia, Amenia, etc our customers mainly make wooden toothpick.

For investment, wooden toothpick making investment is less than bamboo toothpick. 

For crafts, bamboo stick need to do the chemical treatment during manufacturing process, 

while wooden toothpick making process is more simple than bamboo toothpick. 

Which type of bamboo do you use in making bamboo toothpick?

In China, the main species is Moso Bamboo. Our machine can be designed according to your 

bmaboo types (inner diameter)

Which type of wood is suitable for wooden toothpick making ?

For the woode, the popular wood mainly use is birch wood or poplar tree wood.