Characteristics of eucalyptus (2)

- Nov 05, 2019-

Characteristics of eucalyptus: heavy, sturdy, impact resistant, easy to bend under steam, can make shape, good nail holding performance, but easy to crack. The texture is clear, the wood texture is uniform, the color is soft and smooth. It is heavier than most hardwoods and is prone to cracks during kiln drying and processing.

The materials imported from Europe and the United States are good, and the import price is several times that of domestic beech. Domestic beech, also known as Cyclobalanopsis glauca, is a wood that differs from the wood, structure and wood grain of eucalyptus, and its price is low.

The eucalyptus wood is compact and heavy, the wood grain is thin and straight, and the tissue structure is less. The domestic beech wood is loose, light in weight, wood grain is not obvious, and the tissue structure is more plaque and color difference.