Characteristic of Birch Wood

- Nov 05, 2019-

Characteristic of Birch Wood 

Birch (Betula) refers to the general term for about 100 species of trees and shrubs of the genus Birch. The edges of the single leaves are serrated or shallow, and the fruit is small.

The birch bark is smooth, contains resin, white or variegated, has traversing lenticels, usually peeled off into thin slices, the bark of the old trunk is thick and deep, and cracks into irregular segments.

The short, slender branches of the young trees are lifted in a narrow tower-shaped canopy. Birch wood is light brown to reddish brown, used as flooring, furniture, pulp, interior decoration materials, vehicle and ship equipment, plywood, etc. Cold-tolerant, fast-growing, more immune to pests and diseases, used for reforestation, control of soil erosion, protective cover or conservation of trees. More demanding moist, fertile sand or loam, sowing and grafting. It is found in cold regions of the northern hemisphere.

Birch, native to Russia, is commonly known as (Russian birch) and is also known as the European cherry wood because its texture is very close to that of North American cherry wood.