Advantages of wood planing machines

- Nov 19, 2018-

Wood Planer is the main equipment for the production of veneer and meager wood. According to the movement direction of planer relative to the horizontal plane, the wood planer can be divided into two categories, vertical and horizontal, and the planer can be divided into transverse planer and longitudinal planer according to the direction of the planing and the vertical or parallel of the length of the wood-square fiber.

The shape of the modern planer is only 1/3 of the past planer, compact structure, light quality, easy installation and commissioning, continuous production, saving the time of loading wood, high production efficiency, the work is very smooth, almost can not hear the noise. Rotary cutting Machine is also one of the main equipment for the production of veneer, in a sense, more widely used than planing machine. Whether the rotary cutter rotates around its axis according to the wood section can be divided into two categories, concentric spin and eccentric rotary cutting. The concentric rotary cutting machine is divided into two kinds of card shaft rotary cutter and no-card shaft rotary cutter. The eccentric rotary cut can obtain beautiful radial pattern, but the productivity is lower than the concentric spin cut.