How To Make Bamboo Toothpick

How To Make Bamboo Toothpick

It is consisted by the following machines, (KEY MACHINES) Brand: BESTA (1) ZG-1 Raw Bamboo Sawing Machine (2) ZP-2500 Bamboo Splitting Machine (3) MZP-3 Fixed Width Slicer (4) MZP-1 Small Layering Machine (5) MBZS-5 Bamboo Wool Slicer (stick making) 2.0mm (6) BJQ-6 Precise Cutting Machine...
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1. How Many Machines are needed in bamboo toothpick manufacturing?

For key machines, it needs about 9 SETS, the names are : bamboo sawing

Machine, bamboo splitting machine, bamboo knot removing machine, width, thickness

Setting machine, layering machine, bamboo round stick making machine, length setting machine,

Stick polishing machine, toothpick sharpening machine, blade grinding machine.

2. Why we need to buy stainless steel, hot air stove, electric hoist?

For toothpick manufacturing, it need to do the chemical treatment of bamboo stick, removing the insects,sugar of bamboo. So, except the key machine, you also need

 2 sets of SST-200 Stainless Steel Tank

 1 set of RFL-70 Hot Air Stove

 1 set of Electric hoist (for lifting the stick into stainless steel tank

3. Can we get installation and training service from your company? Yes.

BESTA BAMBOO MACHINE has supplied more than 150 users of bamboo machines abroad.

All the machines are tested into good performance before we make the delivery.

We will give customer operation manuals after they buy our machine.

For abroad service, it is charged service.

4. How many factory areas do i need to put up this line?

For factory size, builiding workshop, it is related to your currenty facilities. Usually 500 square meter workshop is ok. For out side stacking area and also drying area for bamboo stick, more is preferable. (usually needed 1000 sqaure meters).

5. Why Shall We Choose BESTA MACHINE?

Our quality of machine ranks top first in China in similiar machine. We have been in this industry more than 20 years and more than 15 years of exporting experiences. We know the bamboo well and machine making well.We have made many improvement to make the bamboo suitable for customer local bamboo and some parts are upgrading each year for more durable and long term using. We have good services for each customer and give them professional advices.

6. If i want to increase the output, which machine shall i increase?

If you wish to increase the output of your production line, we suggest you increase model number MZP-3, MZP-1, MBZS-5 and BXJ-1S.

7. If i want to make both single pointed and double pointed toothpick, shall i buy 2 sets of toothpick sharpening machine?Yes. You need 2 sets of BXJ-1S model.

8. How to get contact with your company?

You can contact us by the following ways:

Emai: ,

Whatsapp: 0086 186 5710 6860 Angel Zhou

Wechat ID: ilikechanging 

Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-1

Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-1


Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-3Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-4Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-5


Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-7


Bamboo Toothpick Production Line-9

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